B. 1996, Blackpool, UK.

Robbie di Vito is a multi-media artist from the North of England. He is currently earning a living by working as a removals porter (lifting sofas) and busking around Edinburgh with his acoustic guitar and loud voice.

His practice varies a lot but the focus is on video/film. His big main works are all labelled alphabetically in chronological order. Currently his work is mainly concerned with music, participation, lunar history and bouncy balls. He wrote this statement himself.


  • May – 'Past Forward' Group Exhibition with Up North Arts at Williamson Park, Lancaster

  • June – Degree Show at Lancaster University (Work A)


  • August – Arnside Studios Summer Residency, Lytham St. Anne’s

  • 30th November – Performance with Joe Coghill at CitricACID, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh


  • February - 'Gone on holiday; an experiment in leisure' Online exhibition/actual holiday in collaboration with Joe Coghill
  • April - 'SALT' Group show at Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh

    (19th April - Solo performance at opening)

  • 17th April-Present - 'Silver Nose in Silverknowes' Public installation
  • 12th June - 'BOUNCE' Performance/happening at the Edinburgh College of Art Sculpture Court